Asus A95VM Drivers for Windows 7 (64bit)

Asus A95VM Drivers for Windows 7 (64bit)

Asus A95VM Drivers for Windows 7 (64bit)

Download Vendor File Version Date
Download  BIOS BIOS 227 1.Fixed issue: when user flash BIOS on machine with BIOS version that less than 216,”Verified Error” will happen. 2. Workaround for system can’t detect any input from USB keyboard during boot process when Fast Boot function is enabled. 3. When CSM Enabled, Windows logo during enter Win8 OS: Check “Windows logo” displays during enter OS and no Intel/AMD or other logo displays on the screen 227 2012/12/25  update
Download  BIOS BIOS 225 1.Fix system can’t enter S3 2.Fixed issue: POST logo isn’t at center of display for Win7 OS. 3.Fixed Win8 OS F9 recovery language is always English issue. 225 2012/12/12  update
Download  BIOS BIOS 224 1.Fixed issue: system hang up at ASUS/Windows logo. 2. Fixed issue: abnormal display that a black block occupied the lower-right of setup menu. 3. Update CryptoPkg module 4. System always disables Secure Boot function when OS is not ASUS Windows 8 image 5. Fixed issue: POST logo isn’t at center of display for Win7 OS. 224 2012/11/06  update
Download  BIOS  BIOS 223 1.Rename EC version 2.Update micro code version 3. Modify minimum brightness setting 4. Improve POST time by removing redundant modules 5. Meet ASUS ODM Notebook System Setup Menu Specification  223  2012/10/17  update
Download  BIOS  BIOS 221 1. Modifications of Setup Menu for ASUS ODM notebook. 2. Modify setup menu secure boot 3. Fixed issue: Secure boot key information will be erase by EzFlash 4. It should disable secure boot function when factory use setpxe tool 5. Fixed issue: System will hang up at beginning of executing “Winflash” when secure boot key is installed. 6. Fixed issue: Secure boot keys probably are automatically installed after user uninstalls them and reboot.  221 2012/09/26 update
Download  BIOS  BIOS 216 update ME fireware rename EC fireware  216 2012/08/31 update
Download  BIOS  BIOS 215 1.Update VBIOS 2.Fix issue: can not auto wake up after flash BIOS. 3.Fix issue: Can’t keep projector only mode after resuming from deepS3. 4.Update EC firmware  215 2012/08/03 update
Download  BIOS  BIOS 213 Firmware Change  213 2012/06/21 update
Download BIOS  BIOS 211 Firmware change  211 2012/05/18 update
Download  BIOS  BIOS 208 First release  208  2012/03/30  update
Download  BIOS-Utilities  Windows BIOS Flash Utility  V2.41.1 2012/04/27 update
Download  BIOS-Utilities Windows BIOS Flash Utility If you want to upgrade your OS from Win 7 to Win 8,to prevent software compatibility issue, please uninstall the older version driver before install the newer version drive V2.41.1 2012/10/17  update
Download  Chipset  Intel INF Update Driver  V9.3.0.1020 2012/03/28 update
Download  Audio  Realtek Audio Driver  V6.0.1.6537 2012/02/08 update
Download  VGA  Intel Graphics Driver  V8.15.10.2778 2012/08/24 update
Download  VGA  nVidia Graphics Driver   V8.17.12.9081 2012/03/29 update
Download  VGA  nVidia Graphics Driver  V8.17.12.9616 2012/03/28 update
Download  LAN  Realtek LAN Driver   V7.049.0927.2011 2012/03/28 update
Download  Card Reader  Realtek Multi-Card Reader Driver  V6.1.7601.39015 2012/03/27  update
Download  Card Reader  Realtek Multi-Card Reader Driver  V6.1.7601.30130 2012/03/27 update
Download  Touchpad  ASUS Smart Gesture (Touchpad Driver)  [Please update ATK PackageV1.0.0020 or later in advance]  V1.0.32 2012/09/24 update
Download  Touchpad  Synaptics Touchpad driver  V15.3.45.0 2012/03/28 update
Download  Touchpad  Elantech Touchpad driver  V10.5.9.0 2012/03/28 update
Download  USB  Intel USB3.0 Driver  V1.0.5.235 2012/07/18 update
Download  USB  AsMedia USB3.0 Driver  V1.12.9.0 2012/03/29 update
Download  Wireless  Atheros Wireless Lan Driver and Application  V9.2.0.470 2012/03/28 update
Download Wireless  Intel WiMAX Wireless LAN Driver  V7.0.1010.26 2012/03/28 update
Download  Wireless  Intel WiFi Wireless LAN Driver  V15.0.1.1 2012/03/02 update
Download  BlueTooth  Intel BlueTooth driver  V2.0.15.30131 2012/03/28 update
Download  BlueTooth  Azurewave BlueTooth driver  V7.4.0.115 2012/03/02 update
Download  BlueTooth  Intel BlueTooth driver  V2.0_withDriver _V2.0 2012.12.06   update

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