Ancient Remains appear in Erangel, Miramar, and Livik. Each ruin has its own secret, and you can check the position of these remains from the chart. The remains are defended by corpus soldiers and flying monsters. By defeating them, you can get the particulars dropped by the monsters. There are several types of remains, In the jackal remains, you can get a treasure box by working the mystification. In the cabochon remains, you can catch the cabochon beetles for item drops.

The emperor tabernacle can be located in two areas on the chart in Erangel. The aggregate will vanish eventually after the game has started and the emperor’s tabernacle will appear. A giant statue will carry the tabernacle along the defined path.
Also, A sandstorm zone will appear in a arbitrary megacity on the chart. You can find abundant inventories, including the cabochon charm that lets you revive on your own.

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The new armament, Lynx AMR is a important SR that has faster firing speed and with its great pellet speed and important damage a position 3 helmet can be destroyed at a single shot.
Do not we all have that experience of immediate death from auto explosion while playing the classic chart? Now, you’ll be knocked out but not dead indeed if the auto explodes while you’re in it.

What a relief!
Sound Play Training Mode If you’re one of those players who are confused about the sound, pay attention. A training area devoted for sound play is added to the training mode. You can train yourself easily. You can hear the sounds during combat repetitively, allowing you to hone your sound play skill.



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