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Message and Call Tracker app shows notification whenever it runs within the background or when any data is being sent over the network. These notifications aren’t optional and can’t be disabled. thanks to updated Google Policy, the app doesn’t read SMS anymore. It just reads and saves WhatsApp messages (text only) and calls.

The app isn’t a foreign monitoring app and can’t be wont to spy on anyone because

  1. The app displays persistent notification after user registers and therefore the notification remains as long because the app is installed on the device
  2. The app doesn’t save anything in SD card or any public storage in order that nobody or no other app can access anything from the app.
  3. The app doesn’t share any data out of the app unless user logs in using their username/password within the website and request for data. The app displays notification within the notification bar when such an invitation is received.
  4. WhatsApp may be a trademark of Facebook Inc.

About this app
✔ Visit our instrument panel and remotely access all the chat messages even when the device isn’t with you.
✔ Add notes for every record
✔ you’ll filter messages and Calls with various filter options
✔ Сompletely Free. No hidden charges


Message and Call Tracker
Use Сall and Message Tracker application to stay track of the calls and messages on your mobile. Track all the calls made or received and also all the Messages received. to ascertain the records, you’ve got to launch the appliance and click on on “View” buttons or visit our website and pull the records from your device.

Нow it works

  • Install the appliance and register using Еmail ID and a PIN
  • Еnable the check box to enable tracking of Сalls and Messages on your device.
  • Now whenever a call is formed or received or a Message is shipped or received, await a short time then launch the appliance again.
  • Сlick on “View” buttons within the application and you’ll see the records of the last Сalls or Messages on list view.
  • you’ll clear all the knowledge stored by using “Сlear data” option within the Settings
  • you’ll export the tracks as text via Еmail
  • you’ll see these data remotely by visiting our website and entering your Еmail ID and PIN. you would like to click on ‘Get Details’ button to tug details from your mobile. Сall and Message details won’t be pushed to server automatically.

To be in compliance with Google Policy, we’ll be showing notification in top bar whenever

  • Persistent notification is displayed all the time
  • Only WhatsApp text message information is read. SMS aren’t read or saved.
  • Your Сall/Messages isn’t uploaded automatically. it’s to be pulled by user after user logs in to the web site using an equivalent credentials that he wont to register. Details are stored securely in server located in US. Users can optout anytime and clear the small print from server either through mobile or from website. Please read ЕULA carefully before accepting.

Also, this app

  • Saves all chat data collected in secured, private database
  • Data is saved within the device and isn’t shared with the other app.
  • Data saved gets deleted/removed as soon because the app is uninstalled
  • Data gets deleted after 3 months of getting saved within the app.
  • Details won’t be uploaded to cloud automatically. it’s to be pulled from the web site .

Permission for notification access
The app needs access to Notifications of other apps so as to read messages received by other apps. Without this permission the app won’t be ready to read any Call or message. The message read are going to be saved locally within the app and can be made available to you within the website only you log in to the web site and pull the records.

If you discover any issues or the appliance doesn’t meet your expectations, do mail us at [email protected] Thank you!


Call Forward may be a quick and straightforward thanks to use for forwarding your incoming call to a different number.

This App is extremely useful to you if you need frequent telephone to other numbers. rather than getting to settings then call settings then call forward settings then finally configuring your call forward, you’ll simply configure telephone in one click using this app.

Features :-


First Enter Mobile Number to Whom you Redirect call in Active Service.

Simple thanks to Forward call.

to prevent all Forwarding call need to Stop Service and click on Stop button to prevent service.

Thanks use this appliaction

Note: you’ll not take any data from the users phone. it’s the pure prank application created to possess fun together with your friends and relations .

You can

  1. Play Funny Sounds
  2. Play Ringtone
  3. Display Blank Screen
  4. Send crop up messages

and much more features

“This app uses the Device Administrator permission.” for working of some functionalities.
Note: To Uninstall you would like to deactivate administrator from settings.

The application translates the voice of both callers during a call
? you’ll call both mobile phones and landlines
? you’ll call to all or any countries everywhere the planet
? Translation is administered in 30 popular languages
? Your speech are going to be translated into the language of the person receiving the decision
? Your caller’s voice are going to be translated into your language


This application will help in difficult situations
? Help solve travel issues
? Help solve urgent business tasks with foreigners
? Help in communicating with friends abroad

? Call without worrying
It’s private. Details of the conversation are available only to you. We don’t store conversation data.

? It’s sparingly
A lot cheaper than roaming calls. Call costs from $0.2 per minute.


? this is often clear
The entire dialogue and translation is broadcast on the screen with text for better control.

1) Install this application for yourself.
2) Register and make application account.
3) Add money to balance via in-app purchases.
4) Select your language.
5) Select the language of the person to whom you’re calling.
6) Select the country you’re calling.
7) Enter the telephone number .
8) Make a call.
9) Speak successively as if on a walkie-talkie

The conversation are going to be translated for both of you – the caller and callee, so you’ll talk with someone in several countries who don’t speak your language.



? No got to install the app for nation you’re calling!
? the worth of the conversation minute are going to be displayed before call counting on the phone carrier or the country you’re calling.
? Your talk are going to be translated by MT so there’ll be delays in 1-2 seconds between phrases counting on it’s length.
To avoid delays attempt to speak with short sentences rather than one long.

About Lingvanex Translator


The Lingvanex “Phone Call Translator – Real-time Voice Translation” is out there on the IOS platform.
Visit our website to find out more about Lingvanex text, voice, speech, site and document translator:
or download our app

This App is extremely simple just start the service and listen to all sounds from your earpiece !
For example you would like to read some audio book and you’ve got no earphone then through this app convert your phone to mobile earphone and listen using earpiece.

You can easily manage all sounds from your earpiece.


Easily boost your earpiece sound.

Speaker booster features available so easily your speaker bass and volume boost.

Equalizer available so easily manage sound track like (Classical,Dance,Hip Hop,Pop,Rock and lots of more)


Simple interface .

Used this app and best sound experience in your earpiece.

Install app now and listen without earphone easily.


Note: sound recording Permission is required to Capture Background Noises.

Note: Using this as a spy app to concentrate to other’s conversations may cause you legal trouble. This app is meant only to be used for safety purposes only.

This app will turn your Headphones into Noise Un-Cancelling Headphones which can allow you to listen to background noises and Car Horns while taking note of Music. Now you’ll use your headphones publicly places without fear about safety. This app also can be used as a hearing aid if anyone with deafness . This app also works with Bluetooth headphones.


This app works like Quick Ambient Mode in Galaxy Buds where you’ll briefly hear your surroundings without turning the music off completely.

This app also improves your hearing ability to listen to audible sounds more clear and loud directly into your ears. All you’ve got to try to to is to plug headphones to your device and turn on the button. you’ll put the device closer to the person or audio source you would like to concentrate louder while putting headphones in your ear.

You can hear whatever you would like to concentrate to using this app. albeit you would like to listen to something from a comparatively large distance like from another room you’ll use Bluetooth headphones or earpiece and place the device safely near the place of conversation or audio source. This app can turn your device into a strong listening device and switch your normal ear into a miracle ear anyone wants to possess .


You can use this app during a number of the way . you’ll hear lectures better from back seats. you’ll hear TV programs better from a distance. All this app goes to try to to for you is to gather the sound from the device’s microphone then pass it to the headphones after the sound amplifier within the app amplifies the sound collected from the microphone.

Key Features:

  • Works with both Bluetooth/wireless headphones and wired headphones
  • Improves your hearing by amplifying sound from surrounding
  • Can hear audible sounds loud and clear
  • Can control the quantity of sounds and voices with the quantity control at rock bottom
  • also can control the quantity of playing sound with the device’s volume control buttons
  • Beautiful UI supported Google’s Material Design UI

? This app is employed to forward the calls to other numbers. we’ve given the choice for forwarding unconditionally unanswered or if busy in auto setting mode.
? “Call forwarding, or call diversion, may be a telephony feature of some telephone switching systems which redirects a call to a different destination, which can be, for instance , a mobile or another phone number where the specified called party is out there .” – Wiki
?Call forwarding: the way to call forward. Best thanks to here someone’s turn our phone. telephone may be a quick and straightforward thanks to found out telephone on your Android Smartphone. For when your battery is running dry, but you continue to want to be ready to take calls, telephone can really be a life saver.
? This App is extremely useful to you if you need frequent telephone to other numbers. rather than getting to settings then call settings then call forward settings then finally configuring your call forward, you’ll simply configure telephone in one click using this app.
? This app mainly for learning telephone and forwarding calls to a different contacts that are coming to your contact number.


? If you’re keen on using this application for yourself then please recommend this app to other user and provides 5 star rating and review and suggest us Improvements.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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