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?Photo Retouch- Object Removal. ? ? ??

?Best free photo&video editor, remove video watermark, pimple eraser, blemish remover, professional photoshop editor. ?

One of the simplest photo&video editor which allows you to simply remove unwanted contents or objects from your photos & videos using just the tip of your finger. it’s all the tools you would like and best functions a photo&video editor could ever have for photo retouch- objects removal and blemishes remover.


Powerful, fun & super easy to use. And it’s FREE !

How simple to use an app could be? Please check the guide lines below:

1. Pick picture from camera or gallery
2. Choose objects you would like to get rid of which selected in red
3. Press process button and see magic on your photo
4. Save or share this photo to your friends
5. Done. So SIMPLE !


Key features of Photo Retouch:

?Select photo from you would like to get rid of object
?Remove video watermark
?Remove unwanted person
?Remove Extra Unnecessary Space
?Erase pimples and skin blemishes
?Easy to use, with realistic results and live editor
?Remove surface breaks and scratches
?Easy to use and user friendly UI
?Remove defects or duplicate objects by using the Clone Stamp tool
?Set Eraser Size, Hardness, and Opacity as required
?You can apply text, text color, text size
?Touch gestures to resize, rotate
?Save or share image to friends & family via social media

Download Photo Retouch- Object Removal app immediately to get rid of unwanted objects from your photo&videos !


With this application you’ll remove unwanted object of photo & video, you’ll eraser person, eraser object, eraser sticker or text on your photo. It’s all free & with no watermark!

Key features:
– Remove unwanted person
– Erase pimples and skin blemishes
– Delete telephone wires and posts, power lines
– Remove surface breaks and scratches
– Delete human-made objects like stop lights, street signs, trash cans
– Remove unwanted sticker or text
– Remove whatever you are feeling is spoiling your photos or videos

As soon as you begin the app it show you choice to select image or video
After selection you’re you’re taken to screen with preview and adjustable rectangle/lasso select with actions(specify quite 1 areas) to specify the unwanted object you would like to get rid of .
You can also choose zoom option and pinch with fingers to raised select small objects.
You can also define the interval that object removal process should perform just in case of video.
Press Save button and await process to finish and consider or share the results.


All exports are saved in ‘REMOVE UNWANTED OBJECT’ folder in sd card

Remove Object from Photo app may be a very useful gizmo which will erase any object, logo, watermark, or date on an image . Photo Stamp Remover helps you improving your pictures in another manner than usual ones..
Removing Objects from Your Photos using the Magical tools of touch-retouch eraser like,object remover tool,scalado remover tool,photo inpaint tool, Watermark Remover tools, et al. to get rid of unwanted content from photos.
Remove Object from Photo app may be a very useful gizmo which will erase any object on an image .
– Use Watermark Remover tool to get rid of watermarks from your pictures quickly.
– Remove date from photo with Photo Stamp Remover tools.
– Watermark Removal tools can remove object from video or logo from video.

Photo inpaint, Inpaint makes it easy to get rid of objects from your photos, remove unwanted objects and blemishes.
Use Segment Remover. Set your line Thickness and thick for better performance.using Eraser tool to get rid of stamp, logo, stickers and take away blemish from photo.


What you’ll do with Quick Object Eraser :
– telephone wires and posts, power lines;
– surface breaks and scratches both straight and curved;
– photobombers, scalado remove, and object remover;
– pimples and skin blemishes with lunapic photo editor;
– retouching human-made objects like stop lights, street signs, trash cans;
– whatever you are feeling is spoiling your photos.
– Remove Unwanted Objects with Eraser tool just click touch-retouch option.
– Watermark Remover tool to get rid of Photo Stamp.
– Scalado Remove clears up your photos – scalado remove Tool
– Remove filter from picture
– Photo Inpaint – Remove unwanted objects & Fix imperfections

Object Remover Tools :
1-Retouch: No unwanted objects – no distractions
2-Selective Adjustments: Make local tonal and color corrections
3-Tone&Color; Give your pictures a correct look
4-Move Me Let: objects travel around your photos
5-Filters: Insufflate your mood into your photos
6-Textures: Add depth and richness to your photos
7-Magic Crop: Explore the unknown with Magic Crop

Remove unwanted object from photo with the thing Removal portrait — select either Brush or Lasso, Select the content to be removed, then tap the Go button. Remove defects or duplicate objects by using the Removing Clone Stamp tool. Adjust Stamp Size, high snap clean, Remove Image unwanted photos, remove items from photo and Cut out Segment Remover ,Erase background free, magic eraser Image remove line. Use Eraser to wipe out what has just been cloned. Set Eraser Size, Easy eraser Hardness, and Opacity as required .
Other features :
– Scalado Remove clears up your photos,scalado remove toolto Remove objects from picture, scalado remove with object remover tool, Touch Eraser to get rid of Unwanted Object.
Remove unwanted objects & Fix imperfections, remove unwanted content in photos with Magical Touch-Retouch[Quick Object Eraser].
– Remove objects from video, Removal element in photo, Remove unwanted object from photo.
– Remove Object : Erase Unwanted Content From Photo.
– Watermark Remover feature, Photo Stamp and, video Stamp Remover.
– Remove Unwanted Content with Quick Object Eraser,Photo Retouch,Blemish Remover.
– Remove Unwanted object by one Touch and click on Retouch Eraser, Image Inpainting, pixel retouch – remove unwanted content in photos.
– Eraser tool: erase all object,or Touch to get rid of content[touch-retouch – Remove Object]
remove filter from picture,caption remover for snaps and take away objects, remove photobomber.
– TouchRemove,Remove Objects,Background eraser photo,Eraser Unwanted Object with touch and retouch.
– Erase Unwanted Content,erase objects in picture,Photo Eraser – Objects Remover.


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